We have a solid vocation to serve our customers through a permanent concern to satisfy their demands and exceed their expectations through the spirit of excellence.
This mission guides our actions as a company, and engages EMPRESAS RIPLEY entire personnel, independently from their role within the organization.
With the professionalism and quality of service we offer our customers we shall establish a hard-to-imitate difference, and shall contribute to EMPRESAS RIPLEY growth as a market leader.


When joining EMPRESAS RIPLEY, we are part of a highly demanding professional team, as well as a human group of excellence whose main values are loyalty, sense of improvement, innovation, and constant devotion to their tasks.

We want each EMPRESAS RIPLEY’s employee to be a singular worker, not one more of the group, but one that outstands because of his/her daily learning, for placing himself/herself in the customer’s position, for offering solutions and not complaints, for permanently practicing a service of excellence showing a spirit of service, and always keeping a positive attitude.

We want people who gather these qualities and always share said values and the challenge with enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment.

From each employee in our company, we demand high commitment and involvement, which basically translates into:

Quality of performanceCommitment with his/her obligationsHonesty, loyalty, and integrity in his/her relation with EMPRESAS RIPLEY and people forming it.

What do we expect from each of the workers of EMPRESAS RIPLEY?

To each of the employees of our company we ask for a high commitment and delivery, which basically translates into: Quality in their performance, commitment to their obligations, honesty, loyalty and integrity in their relationship with EMPRESAS RIPLEY and those who compose it.